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The Real Reason All Your Neighbors Suddenly Have Garden Sheds

Amish furniture

In olden times, Amish communities would come together for communal barn raising, and together, they would raise a massive barn in just 10 hours. Of course, even the Amish leave some traditions behind.

You can’t witness an Amish barn raising in the 21st century, but you can buy Amish built sheds online, in addition to other Amish buildings like garages, gazebos, pool houses, and even horse barns. How is it possible to get Amish barns, furniture, and sheds on the Web if the Amish are notorious for shunning modern technology? The magic of modern capitalism, of course. (more…)

29 Jun 2015

Donating Clothes to the Homeless Do Unto Others

Children in need clothing

Americans are, as a whole, a very generous people. In 2013, 72% of all charitable donations in the United States — a formidable $240 billion — were given by individual donors. Many of these owners are part of the middle (and even lower) class, and as such do not have much money to throw around. But they give anyway, not out of self-interest but because it is the right thing to do. Compare that to corporate donors, who only donated 5% of total donations that year.

Americans across the country do what they can to help the less fortunate. In terms of clothing donations, donating clothes is essential in aiding the homeless and the poor. Every year, thousands of homeless people and millions of the poverty-stricken rely on charitable (more…)

29 Jun 2015

45 Million People in the United States Fall Under the Poverty Line

Lightly used clothing

Donations for non profit organizations truly go a long way in the fight against homelessness and poverty. Non profit organizations that focus on used clothing go a long way in helping out the less fortunate. In terms of homelessness, the United States by its own estimates has a little less than 600,000 people without a home to go to. Nearly a quarter of them are children and another eight of them are military veterans, many of whom suffer from mental illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder. In terms of poverty, the figures are even more staggering. There are approximately 45 million people in the U.S. who live under the poverty line. For these men, women, and children, getting by is a daily struggle — (more…)

29 Jun 2015

How You Can Help Families in Need (Without Leaving Home)

Neighbors helping neighbors

Helping the less fortunate is not very complicated- it doesn’t require hours of research to find a trustworthy organization for charitable donations, or hard labor at a shelter or kitchen (although these are perfectly good ways to give back!) You can help people in your own neighborhood easily by going through your old possessions and donating clothes, toys, knickknacks, furniture, anything you don’t need anymore. Not only are you helping people in need, you are helping the environment; clothing and other textiles comprise about 5% of the refuse in landfills. In 2006 alone, the used-clothing industry saved 2.5 billion pounds of fabric from landfills. Almost all of the textile waste in landfills is recyclable in s (more…)

26 Jun 2015

If These Pews Could Talk The Secrets Hidden In Church Architecture

Church steeples for sale

As a former history major with a special passion for Western Civilization, I have been to a lot of churches over the years. This isn’t because I’m particularly religious, but because often throughout history the church was the largest, oldest building occupying a town or city and served double duty as a place of worship and a community center. In other words, for a researcher interested in the cultural history of a place, it’s an information gold mine and can provide a lot of clues about a society’s values.

I became especially aware of these clues and the semiotic power of architecture when I visited Siena, Italy on a study abroad trip my senior year of college. Italy describes itself as a Catholic country, and Siena boasts the Duomo di Siena, one of the largest and most ornate medieval Cathedral (more…)

23 Jun 2015

3 Ways To Optimize Your Adjustable Bed For Safety

Adjustable mattresses beds

It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that the old model beds of flat mattress and box springs are outdated solutions to bed comfort. They do not correspond to the natural S-curve of our spines and thus people will often change positions during sleep to avoid tension and cramps caused by the gaps left in back support. Most people choose to augment their beds with at least a foam mattress pad, but many are making the switch over entirely to adjustable beds. An adjustable bed can be a great answer to the back support problem, as the optional incline feature can support you like a chair or couch and will prevent you from backsliding into dan (more…)

16 Jun 2015

3 Reasons To Rent an Apartment in the City

1 bedroom apartments for rent in philadelphia

If you’re in the market for a luxury apartment rental and you’re thinking about looking at city loft apartments, you’re probably still wondering if it’s really the best decision to rent a loft in the city or if you’re better off in the suburbs.

Here are just a few reasons why so many people choose city living, and why city loft apartments are so popular in the real estate market:

  • It’s so secret — and no surprise — that city living is conducive with the lifestyles of young adults (especially ones who like to go out and party). The entertainment value of living in the middle of a city is something that really influences the decision to rent (more…)

12 Jun 2015

DIY 7 Pro Tips To Keep Garages Pest Free

Farm table

Did you know that most home pest infestations start in the garage? So unless you have an affinity for creatures with too many freaking legs, then you probably want to keep spiders, roaches, ants, hornets, and all other manner of stinging things out of your home and garage. Oh, and let’s not forget about mice, bats, scorpions, etc.

So whether if you’re looking for help keeping connected or Amish built garages free and clear of vermin, then follow these simple tips for getting rid of pests.

First, start with the exterior of your home:

  • Overhanging Branches: If you have any trees hanging over your home or garage, they essentially function as superhighways for insects, spiders, and four-legged rodents of all kinds. Hire a tree trimming service, or break out the ladder, and ge (more…)

11 Jun 2015

Why It’s Cool to Have an Adjustable Bed

Queen bed

Jennifer decided she wanted to bring her bedroom to the next level. She created a vision board for what she wanted. It had beautiful pictures of built in bookshelves, hand stitched duvets, and to-die-for wallpaper. At the very center of the board, however, was a brand new, beautiful, adjustable bed. She had wanted an adjustable bed her entire life and she felt like know was the time to make it happen. When she showed her friends her vision board, they questioned her excitement about electric beds. She quickly broke down for them the five reasons adjustable electric bed was absolutely a must-have:
1) Options Jennifer explained to her friends that one of the biggest benefits of adjustable beds is that (more…)

04 Jun 2015

Drought Shaming The REAL Reason Celebrities Have Green Lawns

Custom home builders jacksonville fl

In May, many media outlets blasted California celebrities with giant homes in the Hollywood Hills featuring lush, green lawns despite a worsening drought in the state. The Twitterverse instantly dubbed the phenomenon “drought shaming.” Of course, no one really wins in these tabloid feeding frenzies; celebrities who did have drought-friendly gardens were likewise accused of “eco-boasting.”

Although the tabloids would never say so, some large homes in the iconic Hollywood Hills have green lawns because their owners invested in grey water reclamation systems, which allow for yard watering even in the face of strict water rationing. For those without grey water systems integrated into their (more…)

03 Jun 2015