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What You Could Do All Day Living in a 55+ Community

55+ community homes for sale

Whenever someone mentions retirement, there comes an inevitable question: So what are you going to do all day? Well, that probably depends on where you decide to live in retirement. If you choose an over 55 community, you’ll have a great answer. Here’s a snapshot of what daily life can look like when you’re living in a 55+ community:

  • Housekeeping

    Unlike traditional assisted living facilities, 55+ communities often cater to people who still want to own their own homes and enjoy taking care of them. If you take a look at 55+ community homes for sale, you’ll s (more…)

29 May 2015

What Do Wedding Planners Do?

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When thinking about your wedding budget, there are so many things to consider. Everything from clothes, to ceremony, to reception, and favors, the list can quickly get overwhelming. One line item in the budget that you should never skimp on? The wedding planner. If you or your fiance is wondering “what do wedding planners do?,” keep reading to learn more about how wedding planners can help your wedding day be everything you’ve dreamed of.
1) Know the Trends When thinking about what do wedding planners do and why it is so important to have one on your team when planning for your big day, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that having a wedding planner means having a wedding expert on your team. Every year, there are more than 2.4 million weddings in the U (more…)

28 May 2015

Little-Know Facts About Remotes

Remote replacements

Replacement remotes can be a pain sometimes, especially if you have older systems. Add in the fact that all remotes of course have a shelf life and die from time to time, and you could find yourself replacing multiple remotes. Read on for some interesting facts you should know about remotes before you decide whether or not to replace your original remote.

  1. More than half of families in the US- in their living room alone- have four or more devices that need remotes.
  2. In the United States, there are about 335 million TV remotes.
  3. There’s actually about a 50% chance that a misplaced remote is (more…)

26 May 2015

Sleep Secrets Little Ways to Get a Better Night’s Rest

Adjust a bed

Think about your quality of life on a day when you have had a great night’s rest. Now think about living that way always. What helped you have that great night’s rest? Was it a really comfy hotel bed? A jam packed day of activities? A nice glass of wine? Sure, doctors can recommend big changes in our lives to improve sleep. However, these small adjustments should not be overlooked as ways to catch more quality zzzs.

Elevate parts of your body.
A flat mattress causes your body to go into improper posture and cramped positions while you sleep. A little incline at the top or bottom of your bed can help prevent you from curling or bending your legs and causing yourself pain. If you find that these inclines work for you, (more…)

14 May 2015

From Donations to Purple Heart Charities to Gifts for Children, Here’s How You Can Help Give in Your Community

Purple heart clothing donation

Giving is an important part of being a part of a community, but you may not be donating as much as you can. Current estimates show that around 70% of the American public donates to charity at least once annually, but just imagine what can be given to charity if everyone were to donate. However, some people don’t know where to start, and finding a reputable charity can sometimes be tricky. If you’ve had trouble deciding where to give your donations, you may need help narrowing down who needs your help the most.

From donations to Purple Heart veterans’ organizations to recycling programs with green charities, there are plenty of places for your charitable donations. Here are three types of organizations that you might find right in your town or city.

  • Green charities:(more…)

14 May 2015

5 Pains That May Improve With an Adjustable Bed

Adjust bed

Many people suffer from pain and illnesses that keep them from getting the right amount of sleep at night. You need to get a good night’s sleep in order to maintain a successful career as well as successful relationships. If you’ve tried changing your diet/exercise and buying a new pillow, and still can’t sleep, you may want to consider buying an adjustable bed. There are many different types of adjustable beds and luxury adjustable beds even have the option of heat and massage. There are many illnesses and pains that may improve with an adjustable bed.

Edema is one of the conditions that may be helped by Sleep Comfort adju (more…)

12 May 2015

New Device Adds Another Panel of Buttons to Roku and Amazon Remotes

Sony tv remote replacement

Today, the average television viewer likely has a number of television remote controls scattered around their living room, each controlling a different piece of equipment. In the past, manufacturers have tried to solve this problem by offering all in one remote controls, which are designed to unite televisions, stereos and more under one device. Unfortunately, these remotes need to be programmed with universal remote codes, and despite their name, often do not control every device. Now, as Roku, Amazon Fire TV and other systems with their own television remote controls become (more…)

12 May 2015

Transform Your Living Space with One of These Popular Home Furnishing Styles

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Are you thinking of giving your home a new look? If you’re looking into what local furniture stores can offer for your home, you may need interior design advice before you get started. One of the easiest ways to make your selections is to learn about the many home furnishing styles that you can use to make your living space one of a kind.

While there’s no right or wrong way to decorate, this handy guide should give you some insight into a few of the many home furnishing styles you can use to change the look of your home.


Perhaps the most difficult to define, contemporary styles are what you might find in most furniture store (more…)

12 May 2015

Don’t Relive Your Dorm Room Doom! Treat Yourself To A Furniture Upgrade

Adjustable beds

Freshman and sophomore undergraduates don’t have much choice in their room furnishings. There’s that formica desk/hutch combo, the rickety plastic chair that calls to mind 7AM choir practice in the third grade, and of course, the bed. That blue, too-hard, horizontal abomination mattress upholstered in rubber for easy cleaning has wreaked havoc on aesthetic considerations and our precious spines for half a century. Millions of college students nationwide contort themselves into uncomfortable cramped positions on that darned thing each night, and it looks like it’s here to stay.

For many a student however, junior and senior year bodes better for furnishings and health, because these are the years that most colleges allow an off campus move. Below are some tips on upgrading the three dorm room furniture s (more…)

12 May 2015

Donate Your Lightly Used Clothing to Charity Today

St vincent de paul donation pick up

The United States has a tragic homelessness problem. Though homelessness is nothing new, the homeless today face even more obstacles as their numbers continue to climb. A U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report in 2014 showed that there are approximately 600,000 homeless people in the country. Nearly a quarter of them are children under the age of 18. For these people, living life is a constant struggle. They are one of the most vulnerable and unrepresented members of our society, people who need help the most.

One way to help them out is by donating clothes to charity. Charitable clothing donations provide millions of ar (more…)

08 May 2015