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Three Tricks To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

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In the U.S., men, women, and families rent more than 43,018,000 apartments. There are many perks of renting vs. owning your home. Renters have the luxury of calling landlords and/or property management companies for maintenance and repairs, and individuals, families, or roommates who rent have greater flexibility when relocating for work, or for any other reason. Even so, some apartments are slightly smaller than other housing options. There are plenty of ways to make up for it — to make apartments look cozy, spacious, and just like home. Here are a few ways to make the most of apartment living.

Tricks To Make Your Apartment Look Roomy And Spacious

One of the many secrets of (more…)

20 Dec 2014

Three Essential Services That Senior Assisted Living Centers Can Provide for You or Your Loved Ones

Local care for seniors

Senior care is a big topic these days: as more people live into their 70s, 80s, and beyond, the need for affordable and comfortable senior living options is more important to this population and their family members. In the past few years, there have been one million or more elderly individuals staying in senior assisted living centers. As the Baby Boomer generation ages as well, there will likely be a good percentage of those 77 million older adults who will require different senior care options in their golden years.

But many seniors may be reluctant to enter care in these facilities, especially if they don’t quite understand what it is that senior assiste (more…)

16 Dec 2014

Three Steps to Creating a Beautiful Landscaping Design

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It’s one thing to dream of what your yard needs to be perfect, and another thing completely to create an effective landscape design that can bring this image to life. Whether you’ve got plenty of ideas about the plants and shrubs you should use, or are planning to implement structures like fire pits and gazebos, it is important to pay proper attention to a number of details to build a beautiful yard for you and your family to enjoy. For this reason, many homeowners choose to hire landscaping services to help them design their gardens and more. Other homeowners, however, will benefit from following several landscaping design tips to help them create the perfect yard.

First, Do Some Research
To start choosing your plants, you should begin by heading outside to check your conditi (more…)

15 Dec 2014

Brooklyn Dubbed Most Expensive Place to Buy a Home in America

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Brooklyn’s hipster may soon be relocating to one of the Big Apple’s other four boroughs.

The borough, known for its beautiful and historic brownstone apartments, rich culture, food, and of course hipsters, has the nation’s highest real estate values and has been named the most expensive housing market in the U.S.

According to RealtyTrac’s recent survey, a Brooklyn homeowner would be required to devote a whopping 98 percent of their median income just to afford an average priced home starting at a cool $615,000. San Francisco came in second, with Manhattan coming in third. Many find this ironic, considering Brooklyn was considered a haven for those seeking refuge from Manhattan’s sky high real estate values. Not anymore.

Luckily, America still has plenty of affordable real estate markets (more…)

15 Dec 2014

5 Tips on Finding Real Estate Sites

Real estate sites

If you’re in the market for a beautiful dream home and are looking at many of the big luxury homes available to buy, you might be overwhelmed with all of the real estate listings. Real estate sites are numerous and it can be hard to decide where to look for the best property that meets your criteria for a home to buy. There are lots of things to consider when you’re thinking about where you might want to live, and talking to a real estate agent can help you create a list of priorities to help you begin your search.

Property investment is a great option for people that are interested in buying real estate, and it offers a wider variety of options in terms of property type or function. There are ov (more…)

13 Dec 2014

Best Adjustable Beds For Sleep

Adjust bed

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy productive life. Without proper sleep you do not operate at your best and can have elevated stress levels and even be more likely to get sick with a weakened immune system due to improper amounts of rest. Being able to sleep better at night might be a matter of bed comfort. Many people find that the majority of their lack of sleep is caused by discomfort in a traditional flat bed. If you find that you feel more well rested after passing out on your recliner, it may be time to consider an adjustable bed. The many positions and styles of adjustable beds can lessen discomfort when sleeping.

  • Over half of Americans complain of chronic pain throughout t (more…)

08 Dec 2014

Seniors in Independent Living Communities More Likely to Have Unmet Needs Than Assisted Living Residents

Independent living

People who live in independent senior living communities were recently found to be more likely to have unmet needs than those who live in assisted senior living facilities or even in their own homes, a new study has found.

According to a December 1 McKnight’s article, the University of Michigan study found that 42% of seniors who live in an assisted living setting said they had an unmet need for help with everyday activities like cleaning, cooking, bathing and other tasks.

The percentage is so high for assisted living communities not necessarily becaus (more…)

04 Dec 2014