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Wedding planner miami —- Watch Video


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21 Dec 2013

Houses for sale brantford —- YouTube


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19 Dec 2013

Three Furniture Trends to Look Forward to in 2014

Well priced furniture

If you’re interested in buying new furniture, you’re probably aware that it’s typically a long term investment. The typical amount of time that home owners keep a couch is seven years. Chairs and tables can last even longer. With 2014 coming up fast, there are a few trends you should be on the lookout for. Even if you’re specifically going to be looking for cheap new furniture, you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of options like these out there!

The good news for you is that these trends won’t be over with come 2015, making it much easier to continue thinking of furniture as a long term investment.

  • Fragmented and Circular Designs – While sleeker and smoother designs have been around since the beginning of the mid-century modern movement, you can expect a few new circular and fragmen (more…)

18 Dec 2013

The Top Three Advantages of a Mortgage Rate Calculator

Todays mortgage rates

The last thing you should have to deal with is a mortgage payment that you cannot afford. The only way to avoid this sort of scenario is to make sure that your monthly mortgage is sustainable. If you’re thinking about buying a new home with the shifting mortgage rates today, you’d be wise to think about using a mortgage rate calculator before closing on any deals.

Some of the advantages that a mortgage rate calculator can provide are obvious. Others, while a bit more subtle, are equally helpful. Either way, you’ll probably be glad that you took the time to make one work for you.

09 Dec 2013

Furniture stores in hampton va —- Watch Video

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01 Dec 2013